Sundae like a dream

Nr.    Report
73 Mixed ice-cream  at one´s own option, garnish with ice-cream wafer.
with wipped cream + 40 Eurocent 
74 Schwarzwaldbecher / vanille and chocolate-ice-cream,    
garnish with cherry, wipped cream and ice-cream wafer
75 Coupe Dänemark / vanille ice-cream with chocolate-sauce,
garnish with wipped cream and
chocolate streusel
76 Bananasplit / vanille ice-cream with banana,
wipped cream and
78  Chocolatekiss/ stracciatella and chocolate ice-cream,  
garnish with chocolate-sauce and wipped cream 
79 Mixed ice-cream with fruit-sundae / at one´s own option with fruit-sundae
with wipped cream + 40 Eurocent 
80 Sweden ice-coupe / vanille ice-cream with apple puree, 
garnish with wipped-cream and
81 Iced coffee / vanille ice-cream with coffee,  
garnish with wipped-cream and chocolate streusel

Mövenpick-ice-lolly / choice in the public house

  prices incl. service and texas.

update: 28. Januar 2011




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